Does Peanut Butter Raise Blood Sugar

Does Peanut Butter Raise Blood Sugar

Most of us probably enjoy eating peanut butter at least once in a while. But, you may be wondering whether peanut butter can raise your blood sugar levels? In this article, we’ll go over the potential link between peanut butter and blood sugar—and we’ll also discuss ways to use peanut butter in your diet if you have diabetes or prediabetes. If you want to know whether peanut butter will cause your blood sugar to spike, keep reading!

Peanut Butter is Healthy

There are many reasons to start eating a nut butter like peanut butter. While there is some debate about how much of an effect peanut butter has on your blood sugar, it is a healthy substitute for more unhealthy foods such as white breads. Peanut butter is an especially healthy snack with carrots. A lot of peanut butters contain either coconut oil or olive oil which make them healthier than oils that are derived from corn or canola seeds.

The Glycemic Index Explained

The glycemic index is a ranking system for carbohydrates that relates to how quickly they are digested and absorbed into your bloodstream. Complex carbohydrates are generally lower on the glycemic index, while simple carbohydrates like sugar and white bread can spike blood sugar levels almost instantly. Generally speaking, foods with a high glycemic index (>70) can cause rapid spikes in blood sugar levels (sometimes called an insulin reaction), while low-glycemic index (<55) foods do not.

A Word About Allergies

For those who have an allergy to peanuts, it's a good idea to keep in mind that many foods that contain peanut butter can contain trace amounts of peanuts, even if they are not listed as ingredients. Always check with the manufacturer.

Bottom Line on Peanut Butter and Diabetes

It is a myth that peanut butter is bad for people with diabetes. Just like any other food, it will have an impact on blood sugar levels based on how much and what else is eaten at the same time. If you're looking to minimize your blood sugar levels after eating peanut butter, then avoid snacks that contain carbs such as crackers or fruit

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