Costus Igneus - Customers Reporting Significant Drops in Blood Sugar Thanks to the ‘Insulin Plant’!


Customers Reporting Significant Drops in Blood Sugar Thanks to the ‘Insulin Plant’!

Users of our Costus igneus supplement are continuing to report excellent results.

• “My blood sugar is stable back to low 100s and I have more energy …”

• “My readings have been in the 70's as compared to 120-180 … “

• “Dropped my blood sugar 60 points … “

These are just a few of the many positive results we have received recently (full testimonials are available lower on this page).

The great thing is that these lower blood sugar counts are producing a number of other benefits for users, like:

• Greater energy
• Improve mood
• Better, deeper sleep
• Decreased risk of disease
• And much more

That’s because high blood sugar can have a significant impact on health and why one of the best things you can do for long-term health is to maintain control over blood sugar levels. Let’s take a closer look:

The Importance of Maintaining Lower Blood Sugar

Reports indicate that more Americans die from diabetes every year than from AIDS and breast cancer combined! According to the CDC, 79,535 deaths occur each year due to diabetes.

And that’s not all. The CDC also estimates another 57 million people could be "pre-diabetic," which can lead to heart disease, low energy and more.

According to the National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse and the Mayo Clinic:

  • Diabetes is the leading cause of new cases of blindness among adults ages 20 to 74.
  • Diabetic retinopathy (retina damage) causes up to 25,000 new cases of blindness each year.
  • Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, accounting for almost half of new cases.
  • Diabetes is responsible for over 75,000 leg amputations every year.
  • Diabetes is a serious risk factor for developing Alzheimer's disease and dementia

Clearly, controlling blood sugar is very important for your long-term health – and that’s what makes this Insulin Plant Supplement so valuable.


What This Supplement Does

Insulin Plant leaves contain corosolic acid, which is thought to help the body generate insulin. In a study entitled, “Effect of the insulin plant (Costus igneus) leaves on dexamethasone-induced hyperglycemia” researchers said “consumption of the leaves is believed to lower blood glucose levels, and diabetics who consumed the leaves of this plant did report a fall in their blood glucose levels.”

Because getting your hands on this plant and consuming the leaves can be difficult, we created the Insulin Plant supplement to make consumption much easier.

Now instead of grinding the leaves into a powder yourself or using them to create a poor-tasting tea, you can simply take our capsules as directed.

What Does the Science Say About the Insulin Plant?

A study published in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research showed the following:

  • 100% of patients who consumed Insulin Plant leaf capsule saw a statistically significant improvement in blood sugar levels
  • On the study’s 15th day, improvements became very noticeable. On the 60th day of taking Insulin Plant leaf powder, patients continued to see improved glycemic control compared to day 15 and day 30 results
  • All patients on insulin were able to reduce their insulin dose by half
  • Even patients who failed to control their blood sugar using oral hypoglycemic drugs (metformin and glibenclamide) and non-allopathic medications were able to control their glucose levels using Insulin Plant
  • Patients who suffered from urinary tract infections and non-healing leg ulcers also recovered
  • Patients with fluctuating and high fasting blood sugar who had not been able to have surgery for cataracts were able to undergo surgery with no post-operative complications

      You can view the full study by clicking here.

      So Stop Wasting Money …
      Get Your Health & Your Life Back With the Insulin Plant Supplement!

      The American Diabetes Association reports that the average diabetic has average medical expenditures of $16,752 a year.

      That’s money spent on medication that may have unwanted side effects and on insulin injections that can be painful.

      On the other hand, the Insulin Plant Supplement has no known side effects and it is currently available for less than $20 per month if you take advantage of our special promotion on this page.



        But Why Buy from Natural Smart Health?

        There are many formulas on the market with cheap ingredients and less than ideal manufacturing processes. These companies want to make as much profit as possible so they cut corners where they can, including on the quality of their ingredients.

        We have made a promise not to ever do that to you. We offer only the highest quality, purest ingredients so you get the best possible effects with our product.

        We’ve created a product that we are truly proud of. It is manufactured in an FDA approved facility right in here in the USA and we only use the best of the best ingredients.

        When you buy our Insulin Plant Supplement you get:

        • Scientifically researched formula
        • Safe, natural ingredients
        • Optimized dosage
        • Available without a prescription
        • 100% safe and legal
        • Free shipping
        • 24/7 customer support
        • Money-back guarantee


        What Our Customers Are Saying About This Powerful Formula!

        "I was diagnosed with diabetes in 1995. Diet, exercise and meds did not seem to bring down my blood sugar. I thought to give this product a try when my grandson recommended it. Very happy with the results. My blood sugar is stable back to low 100s and I have more energy." - Vilma 

        "I have recently began taking it and the last 2 mornings my readings have been in the 70's as compared to 120-180." - Larry

        "It works takes about a month but dropped my blood sugar 60 points!!" - Sarah H. 

        "Will for sure continue with this amazing, natural supplement! I've had a lot of issues with pains but this product has really helped me a lot. The best effect of course would be to eat a good and healthy diet, which I'm not at the moment." - Josie 

        "These capsules of Insulin beats giving yourself insulin injections. Within two days I noticed a great improvement!! Would highly recommend this product." - Mary R.

        "It works for me from 190 to 80 every morning." - Jorge

        "Have replaced my coffee and have been drinking this as hot tea. Have lost around 10lbs and glucose levels have been going down. Feel very good and energetic!" - Jason

        *Note: Although these are reviews by real, paying customers, you should note that results may vary from person to person.

        Ready to Experience Benefits Like These:

        • Stable blood sugar
        • Reduced chance of diabetic health complications
        • Better insulin sensitivity
        • Replenished insulin reserves
        • Fewer blood sugar crashes
        • More energy
        • Healthy weight management 


        Insulin Plant Leaf Capsules - Support Your Blood Sugar For Less Than $20 Per Month


        WARNING: Running Out Of Inventory Has Become
        a Real Concern Right Now

        The Insulin Plant Supplement has exceeded our wildest expectations and quickly become a highly in-demand supplement. That’s because it addresses the root cause of high blood sugar and produces real, lasting results via safe, natural ingredients.

        We now have customers stocking up because they don’t want to risk going without this supplement – not for even a day.

        It’s become clear that once customers experience the effectiveness of the Insulin Plant Supplement, a light is turned on and they never want to go back into the dark again.

        That’s why, at this point in time our issue has become actually keeping up with demand.

        We use only the best ingredients and using only the best ingredients means our production process is longer and more expensive than with most supplements.

        That means we are only able to produce the Insulin Plant Supplement in limited batches as the ingredients become available.

        Combine this slow production process with the high demand we are getting and we are seriously concerned about running out of stock soon.

        That’s why we urge you to order now while supply is in stock! We don’t know how long it will last due to current demand. Order now before it is too late.

        If we do run out of stock, it could take anywhere from two weeks to two months to get new stock in supply. We simply won’t sacrifice quality to meet demand. I hope you understand.

        So if you come here and the order buttons are not active, please check back frequently to see if new stock becomes available.

        If the order buttons are active, now is the time to order before it is too late and you have to wait to experience the many benefits of this supplement.


        With Our Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee, You’ve Got Absolutely Nothing to Lose!

        We are so sure that you will love this supplement and the results it produces that we are offering a 60-day money-back guarantee.

        If you are not completely satisfied, notify us within 60 days of your date of purchase to receive a refund. Click here to view our full return policy.


        It’s Now Up to You!

        You basically have two choices:

        1. You can do nothing, and pretend you never read any of this. But don’t be surprised if in a week, or a month, or a year from now, you start thinking back to what might have been. If you’d just taken that small step to gain control of your blood sugar naturally without the expense and inconvenience of more traditional methods. Maybe you’d have better health, more energy, less excess weight.
        1. Or, you can give the Insulin Plant Supplement a try … it’s risk-free thanks to our guarantee. In no time, you could look and feel better than you have in years – with more energy and better health.


        The choice is yours…

        But at this point, if you’ve gotten this far, and still haven’t clicked off the page…


        It’s because there’s a piece of you that’s invested in this. It’s because that significant piece of you wants to believe that this time, things will be different…


        That in just weeks from now…


        You could have lower blood sugar levels and be experiencing all the benefits that accompany that like more energy and less body inflammation, which can lead to joint pain and other issues.


        You could lose weight and have a better memory along with clearer thinking.


        Just imagine how great all of that would be. Our Insulin Plant Supplement has helped many gain control of their blood sugar. Click the order now button to see for yourself the amazing positive effects this supplement could have on you.



        How do I take The Insulin Plant leaf capsules

        To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to take 6 grams (5 capsules twice per day) for the first 60 days. After 60 days, you can reduce to just 3 grams (5 capsules once) per day.

        FAQS - RESULTS

        Can I take this with my blood sugar medication?

        Yes, you certainly can. But please speak with your healthcare professional before using any dietary supplement if you have a medical condition.

        When will I see results? 

        Many diabetics can see results in as little as 2 weeks. For some people, it may take up to 60 days before they see significant results. Please note that results will vary.


        Will I be charged automatically every month?

        No. This is a one time order. You will not be charged every month unless you click on the subscribe and save.

        When will my shipment arrive?

        The free "Standard Shipping" option takes 3-5 business days. The $5 "Expedited Shipping" option takes approximately 2 business days. Please allow 1 day for processing if orders are placed after 2pm ET.

        FAQS - RETURNS

        What if I am not satisfied with the results?

        We want you to try Insulin Plant and see the amazing improvements for yourself. That’s why we’re offering you a 100% money-back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, just let us know. See our return policy for more details.


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