Research Spotlight: Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetes Study

Research Spotlight: Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetes Study

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Prevalence and predictors of erectile dysfunction among men in the diabetes prevention program outcomes study

The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) and its observational follow-up (DPPOS) provide a unique opportunity to study ED in middle-aged to older adults with prediabetes. The study aims to understand predictive and protective factors for ED in men with dysglycemia due to prediabetes and incident type 2 diabetes.



Whole Wheat Fresh Gingerbread

This fresh gingerbread loaf is a wholesome twist on a classic favorite, offering the warm, spicy notes of ginger and molasses, but with the goodness of whole wheat flour. It's a delightful addition to your holiday spread that the whole family is sure to enjoy! This diabetes-friendly is a great option to bring to a holiday cookie swap or to serve at your holiday meal to celebrate the season.



Mountain Climbers Exercise

Mountain climbers are a dynamic bodyweight exercise that engages multiple muscle groups and offers various benefits, including potential advantages for individuals with diabetes.

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